Miguel Blanco-Charters

Miguel returns to the club after a stint with Maryport after a number of seasons at the club. His versatility at 7, 6 and 9 is sure to be key to the team achieving more success in 2010/11


Age - 21


Height -  5ft 9' ish


Weight - 13st


Nickname - Dunno ask everybody else i have that many!


Occupation - Attempting to be a Spark on site.


Hobbies outside of Rugby league - Making a pig of myself as i am worse drinker and practising playing my marracas at home.



You were a relatively late starter in the game what is your background in rugby league?

I played rugby union for most of my time at school but then I started playing league when col (Armstrong) went up to Seaton starting in under 16s and going from there



Who has been the toughest opponent you have faced and who is the best player you have played with and why?

 Steven McGrady of kells showed me up a few times! as have most people!! 

Craig Rumney and Stuart Ackerley Due to the fact they where who i watched play from the first day i went to seaton and always tried to help me as much as the could (not that they’ve done a good job hahaha)



If you could sign one player for Seaton who would it be and why? 

Micheal Ousby to re-sign then i would be second slowest at the club



What are your goals for the forthcoming season?

 To get fit and maybe try work my way into first team contention and win a cup!!



If you could be invisible for the day what would you do? 

 Rob a bank and take all the lad's on a 'MONSTER' holiday with craggy and yakka as organizers!


Team mates


Which team mate is the best and worst dressed?

Best tough one we’ve all got our own acquired taste. Worst - Mouse has got to be up there with  his choice of colours pink ect just doesn’t suite the guy hahaha!! and sponge is just a scruff! hahaha 


Would you least like to be stuck in a lift with and why? Sponge coz he just goes on and on and on would do me nut in!


Is most in need of a good supper? Chatty he’s like a rake


Would you not take with you to a restaurant? Mouse Due to his hygiene being about as good as a pigs!


Is the longest in the shower? Tom 'massive Head' Curwen


Is the worst drinker? Callum Phillips or me, probably him though



Quick Questions


Workington Town or Whitehaven? Workington Town

Ibiza or Magaluf? Magaluf (malaga)

Pepsi or Coca Cola? Coca Cola

Shaun Bigrigg or Adam McGlasson? This is very unfair but adam McGlasson due to the fact if it wasnt for him i wouldnt no bigrigg!

David Villa or Fernando Torres? David Villa


Finally you have played with some fantastic players name your seaton dream team?


1 S. Johnson

2 P. Rooke

3 M. Routledge

4 M. Taylor

5 M. Wilson

6 C. Rumney

7 S. Ackerley

8 A. Mcglasson (Cpt)

9 D. Sowerby

10 B. Nixon

11 J. Nixon

12 P. Bell

13 R. George