Paul Hopper 

Paul Hopper has been unlucky with injuries but is now fully fit and towards the end of last season moved from the wing to full back and reminded everybody what an outstanding rugby league player he is. If he maintains his form then further representative honours will no doubt follow

Age - 24

Height  5ft 11

Weight  13 1/2

Nickname   Wiggles or Hoops

Occupation - Joiner (He passes his dad his tools)

Hobbies outside of Rugby league 

I spend most my time going out lamping and hunting with the dogs, as well as being a facebook perv

What is your background in Rugby League?

 Played for Seaton at u9s, Clifton u11s + u12s. Had a couple years out to play football n then signed back on for Seaton open age when I was 18 and played ever since. I have also played for BARLA under 21s, Cumbria County and Whitehaven in there under 21s

You have had the honour of playing for BARLA under 21s on there tour of Russia 2007, what was it like?

I quite enjoyed it overall but I wouldn’t go back. Its the scruffiest place I have ever been to. Although the vodka was really strong which was ok. The nightlife in the clubs was good but you were made to feel unwelcome with everyone staring at you. Not a place I would like to split up from friends.

Who has been the toughest opponent you have faced and who is the best player you have played with and why?

David Whitworth from Ellenborough is the best I have played against. He is fast, hard runner and a big hitter as I found out Thanks to Paul Bell. Craig Rumney as the best I have played with. His leadership off the field with the sing songs and on the field with the huddle. His team talks for the game. Nothing can get you more fired up than a speech from dez

If you could sign one player for Seaton who would it be and why?

To have Craig Rumney back. He’s a true leader.

What are your goals for the forthcoming season?

To be in the 1st team and not get injured

If you had three wishes what would they be?

To go a season without getting injured
Wigan to win the grand final
To win the lottery

Team mates

Which team mate is the best and worst dressed?

Scott Gorman is worst. Bit of a lady boy. We aint got a best dressed.

Would you least like to be stuck in a lift with and why?

Sponge. By far the biggest gobshite

Would you not take with you to a restaurant?


Is the longest in the shower?

Skids. Don’t know why coz it wont make him look nice the longer he’s in

Is the worst drinker?

Chatty or Dan Watson by far. It was Callum Phillips but he redeemed himself in Magaluf

Quick Questions

Martin O”Neill or Gordon Strachan? Martin O”Neill
Ibiza or Magaluf? Magaluf
Girlfriend or Play the field? Play the field
Daniel or Stephen Hopper? Daniel
Yakka or Craggy? Yakka coz he’s always last man standing when out on the drink unlike crag

Finally you have played with some fantastic players name your Seaton Rangers dream team

1 Marc Taylor
2 Mark Routledge
3 Adam Coulson
4 Tony Roper
5 Paul Rooke
6 Craig Rumney
7 Stu Ackerley
8 Andy McGlasson
9 Dan Sowerby
10 Paul Bell
11 Jamie Nixon
12 Brett Phillips
13 Richard George