Paul Rooke



Our first interview of the season is with Paul Rooke who has been with the club for ages and is the sort of player every club needs with his commitment to the cause both on and off the field. Mainly a centre not many players got any change out of him with his tough tackling style

Paul Rooke
Age - 24
Height - 5ft 9"
Weight - 12st
Nickname - Spookey
Hobbies outside of Rugby league - Irish folk music, part of a band along with John Chisnell, Andy, Stephen,  and Adam McGlasson called "The Four Pubed Clover". Also I am part of a cinema club

What is your background in rugby league?
Started playing for Hensingham under 12's and played through to under 18's. Started playing open age for

Seaton when I was 16 and have played every season since.

Who has been the toughest opponent you have faced and who is the best player you have played with and why?

Best player I have played against is Scott McAvoy from Hensingham he is fast and strong and an all round

good guy. Best player I have played with is Craig 'Des' Rumney for Seaton, a leader on and off the

pitch and gives the most inspirational team talks I have ever heard. 
What are your goals for the forthcoming season?

To get back from my knee injury and get fit again and hopefully get back playing towards the end of the season.
If you had three wishes what would they be?

Andy McGlasson to grow his hair back!

The Four Pubed Clovers to have international success

Liverpool to win the premier league
Tell us about your Team mates
Which team mate is the best and worst dressed?

I dont think we have a best dressed but there a few worst dressed including Paul Hopper top chav, callum phillips

wears that stupid trilby and sponge needs to get some clothes that fit!!!
Would you least like to be stuck in a lift with and why?

Stephen Hodgson, explains itself.
Is the team joker?

Crag Humphries
Is least likely to get a round in at the bar?

Some would probably say me but I totally disagree, I would have to say Paul PJ Johnsen.
Is the longest in the shower?

Miguel Felix Blanco Charters, he is really long and big.
Quick Questions
McDonalds or Burger King?   McDonalds
Escort or Readers wives?    Escort
Shameless or Skins?         Shameless
Bo Selecta or Keith Lemon?  Bo Selecta
Pepsi or Coca Cola?         Coca cola
Boxers or underpants?       Boxers
Roy Hodgson or Kenny Dalglish?  King Kenny
Finally you have played with some fantastic players name your Seaton Rangers dream team
1   Marc Taylor
2   Gareth Morris ( Captain and goalkicker)
3   Mark Routledge
4   Sam Hodkin
5   Martin Wilson
6   Craig Rumney
7   Stu Ackerly
8   Paul Bell
9   Dan Sowerby
10  Andy McGlasson
11  Brett Phillips
12  Jamie Nixon
13  Richard George